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Subscription Plans

Below are the pricing plans for single user licenses.

  • KML subscription only - $150/year
  • Shapefile subscription only - $350/year
  • Combined KML and Shapefile subscriptions - $450/year

Agencies and corporations purchasing licenses for two or more individuals will receive a 20% discount off of the individual subscription prices.

We also offer special pricing scenarios for enterprise-wide applications of HurricaneMapping services. If you wish incorporate and distribute HurricaneMapping data within your own ArcIMS, ArcGIS Server, Google Enterprise Server, or other type of application, please contact us for more information. Sea Island Software can arrange for push or pull feeds of specified HurricaneMapping’s data to your enterprise application.

Maintenance and technical support is included with all of our subscription services at no additional charge. We monitor our datafeeds 24/7 and stand ready to respond to our HurricaneMapping subscribers’ support needs at any time.

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***credit card purchasers will have immediate access to the datafeed***